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Get 1000 Permanent Instagram Followers for $13

Get 1000 Permanent Instagram Followers

About this Service

You will get 1,000+ Permanent Instagram Followers for $13.

The followers are slowly drip-fed over a longer period so as to keep your account safe and make it look natural. 😉

You are allowed to split the followers between multiple profiles. Also, make sure your account is Public so that we can deliver.


Why do you need this service:

Let’s face it, you need social proof. If you have thousands of people following your Instagram profile, then more people are going to trust and follow you as well. If you have only a handful of followers on your account, other people and potential customers may be more hesitant to follow you and trust you. The more followers you have you will instantly become more respected and cool in the eyes of everyone.



✔ Social Proof and Authority!
✔ Increased Revenue as an effect!
✔ 100% satisfaction!
✔ We Over-Deliver
✔ Followers are Stable – No Drop!
✔ Followers are a mix of fake and real people – Great Quality!


No password access needed, just send me your Instagram URL after placing an order.


Note: If you’ve ever purchased followers elsewhere, you may have had the bad experience of your Instagram followers dropping after a few days, weeks, months. The followers I sell are STABLE forever. And I also deliver REAL followers, this is not just marketing talk. Other sellers deliver Instagram followers fast (thousands per day), their followers often drop, and they’re all fake profiles. Mine are slow to arrive, stable, and are a mix of real and fake profiles. But you also get real profiles following you, which can have benefits all the way into the future.


Please message me if you have any questions. I am here to make you Insta-famous!

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Outstanding Experience!

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Well done!

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Totally Awesome!

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Julia is the best. Very happy with everything.

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