• Digesale – Free Bonus Gigs-Offers

    Welcome to our Bonus Gigs-Offers page! Everyone likes getting things for free. That’s a fact. For that reason and to show you that we appreciate you we offer you incentives when buying offers on our site. You can get up to $20 in Free site credit which you can use to purchase even more gigs [...]

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  • DigeSale – Premium Digital Marketplace

    Welcome to Digesale.com (Digital eSale) We are a new Premium Online Marketplace where people can sell and buy Digital products. We are a Premium Marketplace because we select each and every one of our sellers carefully, unlike most of the other marketplaces like ours. Most offers on our site cost about four to five dollars [...]

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  • iMacro Social Media Automation Scripts

    Social Media is a very important part of the internet. Everyone and their dog has an account on one or multiple social media sites. Some people are there to see pictures of friends and talk to family, and some are there for business, and some just have nothing better to do and are killing time [...]

    iMacros - Web Automation, Data Extraction and Web Testing Solution!
  • Transcription Voice-To-Text Services

    What is Transcription? Transcription, or Voice-to-Text, is listening to a recording and typing out everything that is said following certain rules and guidelines. The final file is then returned to the client so that they do what they need to do with it – post it on their website, review it, etc. There are many […]

    Accuracy, Availability, Confidentiality and Responsiveness make a difference in Transcription!
  • Buying Twitter Social Media Followers

    Why buy Twitter followers? I am going to explain to you the two reasons why people buy Twitter followers. There are basically 2 reasons that they do that. One is the limitation that Twitter places on following people, and the other is so that their accounts look bigger and more trusted! Twitter Following […]

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  • Buying Youtube Videos Views and Likes

    What’s up Youtubers? In this post I will explain a few things about Youtube Search Engine Optimization (SEO), buying Views, Likes and Subscribers, and a few other things. Sit back, relax, and read on. The deal with buying Youtube Views and Likes The quality of the views and likes you buy/get doesn’t really matter. […]

    Youtube people crowd! Views & Likes can make your Videos stand out!
  • Buying Twitter Retweets and Favorites

    Why do people buy Twitter Retweets and Favorites? The reason why people buy them is fairly simple, to increase their reach and traffic on Twitter. Retweets are like shares on Twitter, and the more of them you have the more people your post will reach. Favorites also increase the credibility of your tweet and makes […]

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