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Transcription Voice-To-Text Services

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Voice-to-Text High Quality Transcription Services at Affordable Prices

What is Transcription?

Transcription, or Voice-to-Text, is listening to a recording and typing out everything that is said following certain rules and guidelines. The final file is then returned to the client so that they do what they need to do with it – post it on their website, review it, etc.

There are many reasons why people may need a recording or a video transcribed. Say for example someone is trying to get content for their website and would like to publish a post using content of a video they created, or a random video they found online. Oftentimes an interview between a journalist and an interviewee needs to be published in a magazine or an online blog. Colleges and Universities, Medical Centers, Law Enforcement, Businesses, Institutions, Bloggers, Website owners and all kinds of people need transcription voice-to-text services for all kinds of different reasons.


Why hire a Transcriber?

No software that does this automatically will ever be anywhere near perfect, and that’s why the transcription industry is alive and well and thriving. However, it is very time-consuming and tedious work, and for that reason a lot of people stay away from it. The requirements, apart from time, are also to speak perfectly the language that is being spoken in the recording being transcribed. Also, to be worth it the transcriber needs to be able to type quickly. That’s so that their turnaround time is quick, for client satisfaction, but also so that it’s worth their time.


How can you help?

On Digesale we have an experienced transcriber who we have tested and who delivers very high quality work. He’s communicative, always available, a native English speaker and an all around nice guy. James offers great quality transcriptions of audio and video files into text at very affordable prices which are much cheaper than going to any company to get your work done. He’s always available and is quick to complete the work given to him. He does Clean Verbatim, Full Verbatim and Edited Verbatim transcription.


Here’s the breakdown of those terms:

Clean Verbatim:

The transcript is cleaned up from any stutters or mistakes that the speaker makes while talking. The transcription is cleaned up for readability so that you can easily read it, post it on your website, or anything else without having to sit and make any correction or edits.

Full Verbatim:

Everything is transcribed exactly as it is spoken in the audio or video file you provide. Any stutters, repeated words and mistakes are transcribed fully as they can be heard with no edits made for readability.

Edited Verbatim:

This is where you provide your own set of rules and guidelines that should be followed while transcribing.


For more information check out James’ transcription service here: Audio and Video Transcription Services


If you have any questions feel free to contact James from his profile or from the service page by using the “Contact Seller” button located on both of those pages. You can also leave us a comment below if you want to ask or tell us anything.


Happy Transcribing!!


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