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I will send over 200 Dislikes and 5 Reports to Youtube Videos for $5

I will send over 200 Dislikes and 5 Reports to Youtube Videos

About this Service

I will send over 200+ Dislikes and 5 Flagging/Reports to any Youtube Video(s) of your choice for only $5. If you need more you can buy this offer again as many times as you need.


Do you see any YouTube videos that you don’t like? Do you have competition on Youtube who you dislike and would like to destroy his reputation, or even get his video removed from Youtube? Buy this offer and I guarantee that you will hit your competition where it hurts! Someone might think that this offer is unusual and unnecessary, but you have to understand that if there was no demand there would be no offer. I had many requests for a service like this and I finally have a reasonable offer to solve your problem.


Undermine the visibility of your competitors by adding dislikes to their videos and raising doubts in the viewers’ minds as to the likeability of their video, restricting the amount of viewers, clients or fans they get. The dislikes are permanent and are used as a tactic to slow down the growth of your competitors.



  • The 200 Dislikes Can be Split across up to 4 Videos (50 Dislikes Each)
  • The 5 Reports Can be Split across as many videos as you like (Max 5)
  • It will take 1-5 Days or less to deliver the service
  • 100% Safe and Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • We only need the Link(s) of the Video(s) to deliver our service
  • All Dislikes and Reports Permanent!
  • The Flagging/Reports will be done as “Spam or misleading -> Scams/fraud,” at Random Seconds Intervals each, from Different IP each, and No Comment will be left with the ReportIf you want me to Flag/Report in a different manner, please specify how you would like me to do it exactly.


Contact me if you need to ask or tell me anything. I’m always available and quick to respond.

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Punchline wrote 8 months ago

perfect service, I will buy it again!

swanny537 wrote 10 months ago

Outstanding Experience!

swanny537 wrote 2 years ago

So fast and overdelivered, will use again.

cvanci wrote 2 years ago

Excellent gig

SamuelB wrote 2 years ago

Great job. Fast and delivered more than promised.

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