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I will send 100 LinkedIn Shares to any webpage, video for $5

I will send 100 LinkedIn Shares to any webpage, video

About this Service

I will give you 100+ Linkedin Shares for any URL (Website, Article, Blog Post, Youtube Video, Google app, etc) for only $5. For an extra $4 you can get 100+ more shares, and for $11 more you can get 300+ more shares. If you need more than that you can simply buy this offer again as many times as you need.


LinkedIn Shares are very powerful because your posts will be shared by members with hundreds and thousands of friends and connections. All these will point back to your page.


Increase your social signals and increase you page rank! Since authority is transferred in the same manner as Pagerank, the more social signals, the better.



  • The process is 100% safe!
  • I will always Over-Deliver!
  • The Shares are Permanent!
  • Split Available at 20 Shares per URL/Link | no illegal content, no porn/adult, etc.
  • Quick delivery time (3-9 days or less, depending on whether you buy extras)
  • Excellent for your site’s SEO campaigns, also for Youtube SEO, and for increased traffic


You can check the LinkedIn shares of your site, post, video, any web page, here: http://sharetally.co/

After buying this service you will be able to check on that site (or any other such site) to confirm that your LinkedIn shares are being delivered. And in the end you’ll be able to check that you have received the shares you paid for and more.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

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donaldW wrote 2 years ago

Wow unbelievable. Very good will come back again.

Cleo wrote 2 years ago

I'm in awe how you can accomplish this. Amazing. Thank you. Will buy more soon.

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