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I will give you LikesPlanet iMacro scripts to gather points on Autopilot for $7

I will give you LikesPlanet iMacro scripts to gather points on Autopilot

About this Service

I will give you 11 iMacro scripts for LikesPlanet that work perfectly! They will enable you to quickly and easily gather points on LikesPlanet for Free and on Autopilot!

These scripts were created by me and I use them daily, so I guarantee they work great.


These are the scripts you’ll get by purchasing this gig:
1. Facebook Follow
2. Facebook Page Likes
3. Instagram Follow
4. Instagram Likes
5. Twitter Follow
6. Website Hits
7. Youtube Dislikes
8. Youtube Likes
9. Youtube Subs
10. Youtube Views
11. Look Below in Bonuses

The scripts will allow you to gather points in each category.



1) Firefox Web Browser
2) iMacro Firefox Add-on



I will give you a bonus Macro script that when ran will go and gather points from Facebook Follow, Instagram Follow, Twitter Follow, Youtube Likes.

You will also get a word file that describes how to install Firefox, how to Install the iMacro add-on, and how to insert the Macros into Firefox and use them.


Extra Information and Your Benefits:

  • Undetectable by the LikesPlanet bot detection system
  • Save time!
  • Save money!
  • Full Automation!
  • Works while you sleep!
  • You can contact me for direct assistance if you need any help
  • 100% Working!


The last thing that I want to say is that with purchasing you also get a 3 month guarantee for the scripts. Meaning, I will answer any questions you may have, and for the next 3 months if any of the scripts stops working, you can contact me, I will fix it and send you back a working version free of charge!


Note: Scripts updated and working well into 2018!

Created 2 years ago
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elcabaliero wrote 1 year ago

Perfect, very good seller, I recommend

what12345 wrote 1 year ago

amazing scripts. buy from him, you wont regret it! :)

Katherine80 wrote 2 years ago

Great stuff!

x3-Jessica wrote 2 years ago

These work flawlessly. I recommend to everyone.

MasterP wrote 2 years ago

EPIC! Best working scripts I have found for this. I would like to get more ASAP ~ Will be back for more soon!

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