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I will give you Followlike iMacro Scripts to collect Coins-Points Free and on Autopilot for $7

I will give you Followlike iMacro Scripts to collect Coins-Points Free and on Autopilot

About this Service

I will give you 20 iMacros Scripts for Followlike.net which you can use to collect points for free and on autopilot. You will also get a 3 Month Guarantee for all the scripts as well as an Instructions file which will explain how to install and use everything.


I create these scripts for myself, and only then do I release them for sale. That means that the scripts work great, and they abide by all the rules of Followlike and the various social media sites, for maximum effectiveness and safety!


By buying this offer, you will get the following scripts:

  1. Dailymotion Views
  2. Facebook Follow
  3. Facebook Page Likes
  4. Facebook Photo Likes
  5. Facebook Post Likes
  6. Google+ Circle/Follow
  7. Instagram Follow
  8. Instagram Like
  9. Pinterest Follow
  10. SoundCloud Follows
  11. SoundCloud Likes
  12. StumbleUpon Follow
  13. Twitter Follow
  14. Twitter Like
  15. Twitter Retweet
  16. Twitter Tweet
  17. Youtube Likes
  18. Youtube Subscribers
  19. Youtube Views
  20. Look Below in Bonuses

That’s 19 individual scripts, and 1 Bonus MasterScript which combines multiple categories into 1 script, giving you more automation into a single script.



1) Firefox Web Browser
2) iMacro Firefox Add-on



I will give you a Bonus iMacro MasterScript that will gather points from Instagram Follow, then Twitter Retweets, then Twitter Likes and then Youtube Subscribers. It will jump from category to category gathering points automatically!

You will also get a word Instructions file that describes how to install Firefox, how to Install the iMacro add-on, and how to insert the Macros into Firefox and use them.


Extra Info and Your Benefits:

  • Undetectable by the Followlike bot-detection system
  • Save time!
  • Save money!
  • Full Automation!
  • Works while you sleep!
  • You can contact me for direct assistance if you need any help!
  • 100% Working!


I am always online and available to help you and answer any and all of your questions.


Note: Scripts updated and working well into 2018!

Note: Scripts working with the new Followlike design implemented on the 11th of October 2016!!!

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gogo123 wrote 3 months ago

Fantastic Job!

issamchennik wrote 9 months ago

Perfect, 10/10 thanks

pannagirl wrote 1 year ago

Very fast delivery. And it works like a charm. Thank you!!!

makaveli2k wrote 1 year ago

Brilliant, great seller.

Flyerer wrote 1 year ago

Been looking for these for a LONG time! Much appreciated! Keep making these babies ;)

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