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For Sellers

Sell on Dig-eSale


Do you want to become a seller on Dig-eSale?

Anyone can sign up and become a buyer on Dig-eSale, but to maintain our high quality standards we are very selective about who we allow to sell.

If you are a professional and can produce quality work, we’d like to consider you to join our team of top class sellers here on Dig-eSale. To apply, simply shoot a quick email to support@digesale.com, with the subject line, “I would like to be a seller!“. Please include links to samples of your work. We will get back to you within 72 hours.


How much can you earn as a seller on Dig-eSale?

You set your own prices and anyone in the world can sign up and buy from you, so there’s really no limit.


Here’s a quick example:

You post a job priced at $10. Someone likes what you’re offering and places an order. You get to work and deliver as promised. Then it’s, pay day! After subtracting PayPal fees and the 20% Dig-eSale commission, we send you the money for your efforts. 🙂

(Note that you must accumulate a minimum balance of $20 in your account before requesting payment.)