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DigeSale – Unique Premium Digital Marketplace

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Welcome to Digesale.com (Digital eSale)

Digesale - Premium Digital Marketplace Logo Profile PictureWe are a new Premium Online Marketplace where people can sell and buy Digital products. We are a Premium Marketplace because we select each and every one of our sellers carefully, unlike most of the other marketplaces like ours. Most offers on our site cost about four to five dollars. You can buy Internet Marketing services, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, Transcription, Article writing, Social Media, Graphics, eBooks, and much more on our website for very affordable prices. All offers delivered by Top Quality Sellers, as I will explain below…


You see, most sites like ours allow just anyone to register and post services for sale. Those sellers are not tested in any way to determine whether they can actually deliver what they offer. The quality of what they offer is not tested. They are not tested in whether or not they can communicate with buyers and answer questions related to their products. After all, if you’re buying something and spending money, you may have, and should have, questions about the product or service you’re purchasing.

That being said, each of our sellers is tested and has proven that they can communicate properly and deliver a high quality product or service. They are quick to respond and at the very least all speak close-to-perfect English. Many speak other languages as well.


That’s the one thing that makes us different. You don’t have to wonder if the seller is “Legit,” or if an offer is “Legit.” By buying offers from our website, digesale.com, you know for a fact that everything offered can be delivered and has been tested.


The other thing that makes us different is our support. Every support ticket is answered very quickly, by a real person who speaks perfect English. Other sites like ours, for one, usually have support that doesn’t speak English as well as they should, and sometimes they just dodge questions, give you generic answers, and are utterly useless and can’t help you with much at all.

With us, that’s another thing you don’t have to worry about. When you need any support on our website, digesale.com, you just Contact Us and you know you’re going to speak with a person who knows perfect English, and who is a real person, not a trained monkey (Which is how it sometimes seems to be on other sites like ours).


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