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Buying Twitter Retweets and Favorites

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Why do people buy Twitter Retweets and Favorites?

Twitter Bird with Megaphone - Retweets and FavoritesThe reason why people buy them is fairly simple, to increase their reach and traffic on Twitter. Retweets are like shares on Twitter, and the more of them you have the more people your post will reach. Favorites also increase the credibility of your tweet and makes people trust it more, look at it twice, click your links in it, etc. Also, Twitter tweets can be found on search engines, so having a large number of retweets and favorites will help your tweet’s SEO and help it be visible in the search engines. And lastly, this is how you can make a hashtag go viral and stay on top of the list for that hashtag, which can bring a lot of traffic to your tweet, your profile and your links.


Fake Retweets and Favorites – Safe? Helpful?

This business of selling and buying fake Twitter retweets and favorites has been around for many years and has been tested over and over again and proven to be safe. Of course, you have to take care in where you buy from, but generally speaking you are safe doing this and you won’t have any problems with your tweets or your account.


As far as helpful, yes it will help with all the things I mentioned above. About traffic, even though those accounts retweeting and favoriting may not click your links or go ahead and follow you, the followers that those people have will see your tweets after they have been retweeted, and then those people will click your links, follow you, interact with you, etc. And especially when any real user sees that your tweet has 1000+ retweets and 1000+ favorites, they will not take it lightly and will check your tweet out to see why have all those people liked your tweet.



Buying Twitter retweets and favorites from a reliable provider can be very helpful for you, help you get more traffic, more followers, better visibility on Twitter, help your SEO, help you get a Hashtag trending and make your Tweet look impressive and amazing!

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